Designing and building your own home with Sunflower is an amazing experience. For you and for us. Your journey home.


We’ll guide you as you explore your desires and aspirations, your lifestyle, and what will make you truly happy. We curate turn-key living projects. We guide you through each stage of the journey to reveal and support your living dream. Budgeting and timing are always central to success: an expert from our team will be fully dedicated to monitoring progress, goals and deadlines in order to assure that they are always met.

We design
each detail,
with you.

We also outsource specific tasks to our trusted consultants. This way, our extended team can guide you as you face all the big and small choices that will make planning and building your home a fun, inspiring joyride.

We curate:

  • Architectural design
  • Structural calculus
  • Interior design
  • Lighting design
  • Landscaping
  • Certification

Our system
keeps the
journey simple.

1. We listen

We start by gathering your thoughts, living needs and desires with you. We help you focus on what you most need in order to feel good and to live in a space that represents you. Then, building around your dream, we build your new lifestyle space.

2. We design

Our architects and builders work in continuous dialogue to bring your new home to light. We take care of the technical and building management at the construction site while we also work with you on styling the interiors and making your nest as unique and special as you are.

3. We build

We love to build, it’s what we do best. We directly monitor each construction phase and make sure everything gets done to perfection. Come and visit with us onsite and watch your dream become a reality.

4. We celebrate

Creating your own home with Sunflower will be an unforgettable experience that will change your entire sense of living. Stopping to appreciate and to celebrate what we have built together matters to us.


We build sustainable homes in wood or brick with low energy consumption and powered by renewable sources. Bioclimatic architecture and the use of natural materials are the basis of all our design choices for energy-efficient and healthy homes. Each Sunflower low energy home complies with the strictest energy certification standards available. Living in a Sunflower home also means enjoying a healthy indoor air quality and high levels of acoustic and thermal standards for your comfort and well-being.


The minimal lines of a contemporary architectural style blend with the surrounding nature, creating a continuous dialogue between the interior and exterior of the home through the large glass windows and vistas, where light is always a central theme. Our unique and integrative style and design details give value to our homes built with the most advanced technologies.

We design and build with respect for the environment.

Why wood?


Wooden homes are first and foremost a responsible choice. Wood is a guarantee of high quality of living in harmony with nature. It’s sustainable because it’s non-polluting and natural, renewable and recyclable. Wood waste is easily recovered and reused.


Sunflower's wood construction homes are built from X-Lam panels. The longevity of a home built with this construction system is comparable to that of any other home. Considering that in optimal conditions wood has virtually unlimited life, wooden homes' life equals, if not exceeds, that of a brick home.


Wood construction homes are healthy and offer unparalleled living comfort and extremely low energy rates. Wood is the ultimate insulation material. With a heat conductivity 10 times lower than that of cement, it counters the so-called thermal bridging phenomenon and minimizes heat transfer to the external environment.


Wood plays a fundamental role in the sense of well-being Sunflower homes can create. Its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties are key in how it naturally regulates both temperature and humidity and offers excellent sound insulation.


The X-Lam panel supporting structure also has invaluable earthquake resistance properties. Its naturally high elasticity makes it the ultimate choice in earthquake-resistant materials and the reason why it is so widely used in the most highly earthquake-prone countries such as Japan.


X-Lam panels allow for unparalleled design freedom. The mechanical and technological properties of wood ensure even less limitations than brick construction. Wood allows reducing construction time for a considerable saving in terms of time and energy.