Building your own home is an extraordinary way to get to know yourself.

Building homes is an extraordinary way to get to know people.

Your home

is you.

Home is not just a house. Home is where you can store, access and create your memories and dreams. It’s your sanctuary, your safe haven.
And it’s where you grow. Home is the ultimate place of well-being, that offers shelter and nourishment to the body and soul.
Your shelter where you reconnect with nature, your shelter built with a deep respect for the earth.
We walk you through the journey and plan your dream home with you.
We make sure it’s fun and inspiring, expanding, enlightening. We look after you with trust and transparency. We support you in the many choices you will have to make along the way with authenticity.
We design with empathy and we start by listening. We listen with an open mind and talk with an open heart. We reflect with you on your true needs and always follow through to make sure each need is voiced and addressed to in your home. We create a judgeless, welcoming space for sharing and exchange where any idea is valued and discussed. This is your journey home.
That’s how we create homes that are one of a kind. Homes that welcome, shelter and represent those who live in them. Where you feel good, on your own or with those you love, where you raise a family, welcome friends, or dance to the music of your soul. It’s about your lifestyle. Your perfect place.


We do

what we


Designing and building homes
is second nature to us,
and our enthusiasm comes from the heart.




We are a well-knit team united by shared values and inspired by a common vision.

We care

for your


It’s our privilege to help people through our work. Making others happy makes us happy.

We listen,

we share,

we evolve.

We design and build
with empathy, sharing
and growing together.



with you.

We celebrate the birth of each new home, a milestone that is shared together.



the planet.

Earth is everybody’s home. Sunflower homes are sustainable by nature and care about the future.